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Highland Communications Technologies is a company specializing in the digital signal processing technologies in communications and related areas. Our products are semiconductor IP cores and software modules. They can be easily integrated into system on chip designs and software systems to improve the productivity of our customers. Cutting edge technology and customer satisfaction are our focus. All our products are developed based on extensive research to take advantage of the technology advancement. Our one year warranty provides full support to guarantee a smooth integration of our products. We have the following products available at present:

Reed-Solomon Codes

RS Code With Flexible (n, k) RS Code With Fixed t = 8 RS(255, 239) RS(973, 935)

RS(255, 239) with Erasures RS(28, 24) with Erasures 2.5 Gbps GPON FEC Core

Binary BCH Codes

BCH Code for DVB-S2 16-Bit Parallel BCH(480, 444) 16-Bit Parallel BCH(8176, 8072)

AES Security Cores

Low Gate Count AES core 3 Gbps AES Core 10 Gbps AES Core 30 Gbps AES Core

Turbo Convolutional Codes

TCC for 3GPP (UMTS, WCDMA) TCC for 3GPP2 (CDMA 2000) Rate 1/2 TCC for 802.16

Rate 1/3 TCC for 802.16

Viterbi Decoders

R = 1/2, K = 7, G0 = 133, G1 = 171 Viterbi decoder

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