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Highland Communications Technologies is a company specializing in the digital signal processing technologies in communications and related areas. Our products are semiconductor IP cores and software modules. They can be easily integrated into system on chip designs and software systems to improve the productivity of our customers. Cutting edge technology and customer satisfaction are our focus. All our products are developed based on extensive research to take advantage of the technology advancement. Our one year warranty provides full support to guarantee a smooth integration of our products.

News & Events

FORT ERIE, CANADA - June 25, 2007: Applied Optoelectronics Inc. (AOI) of the USA (www.ao-inc.com) licensed a 2.5 Gbps GPON FEC core from Highland Communications Technologies. Founded in 1997, with a world-class team of researchers and engineers and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, AOI is a leading-edge component provider for Fiber to the Home communication systems. With the Internet traffic moving from data centric to media centric, requirements for bandwidth are becoming more and more demanding. Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) is quickly becoming the next dominant broadband solution. Component providers and system manufacturers are striving to bring a cost effective solution to the market. With the customer-proven GPON FEC core from Highland Communications Technologies, AOI will be able to shorten the time to market of their product considerably.

FORT ERIE, CANADA - February 1, 2007: Iamba Networks of Israel (www.iamba.com) purchased the second license of 2.5 Gbps GPON FEC core from Highland Communications Technologies. This new license is for an ASIC platform. Iamba Networks licensed the same core in May 2006 for an FPGA platform. The integration of the core was very successful. The compatibility test of the core with other industrial GPON FEC implementations went very well.

FORT ERIE, CANADA - December 1, 2006: Digitas AS of Norway (www.digitas.no) licensed a flexible Reed-Solmon FEC core from Highland Communications Technologies. The core will be used in an FPGA prototype first and then implemented in an ASIC Platform. "We are pleased to become an IP supplier for Digitas. We now have customers in North America, Middle East and Europe. Our focus on customer satisfaction through top quality products and services proves to be a very successful business strategy." said a representative from Highland Communications Technologies.

FORT ERIE, CANADA - May 31, 2006: Iamba Networks of Israel (www.iamba.com) licensed a 2.5 Gbps GPON FEC core from Highland Communications Technologies. This is the world's first commercially deployed GPON FEC core. With the heat up of the GPON market, equipment vendors are competing for high performance and time to market. Forward error correction (FEC) is the most cost effective means to meet this goal. Highland Communications Technologies also has a customer in the US military industry. With the addition of a commercial customer in the mass production market, the company garnered great credibility in the semiconductor IP business.

FORT ERIE, CANADA - April 18, 2005: A leading company in the US military industry licensed an error correction code from Highland Communications Technologies. Details of the license agreement were not disclosed.

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